Senior Stylist

A stylist since 1994, I am currently a senior stylist and cutting coach at Studio 212 and have worked here since 1997.

As a kid, I was very creative and artistic with a vivid imagination that I was constantly using. When it came time to choose a career path, I was torn. I had to decide between my two loves, fashion and hair. Once I decided on cosmetology, I never looked back. I find my natural creativity and artistry very valuable to my profession.

After I was licensed, I worked at various salons. On the way, I discovered Aveda and realized this was a company that shared my passion for quality, sustainability, philosophy, and commitment to excellent, ongoing education. From there I knew I couldn’t work with anyone else!

I moved back to my hometown and married my high school sweetheart. It was then that I discovered Studio 212 was the salon for me. Through Studio 212, I work exclusively with Aveda. I love its relationship to the earth and the constant training in technical skills, advanced cutting and coloring techniques, and its continuing trend releases. As the cutting coach at Studio 212, I still get excited about each new trend and sharing it with the salon staff. I have a passion for cutting short hair. If you’re up for it, I’m down to do it!

I also specialize in nails. With the help of a great mentor, I was able to perfect my nail techniques and express my creativity to the fullest. I have you covered from head to toe.

My philosophies are, “Everyone has beauty, we just make it better” and “Teamwork will set you apart.”