Senior Stylist

Ever since I was a little girl I was wearing lipstick and doing something artsy. To say the beauty industry has always been an interest of mine is an understatement. I’ve pretty much always known this is the career for me. In high school, I was not always doing my own but my friend’s hair as well.  Right after high school, I pursued my interest and enrolled in beauty school at Mid State Tech. I graduated in August of 2014 and immediately began my journey at Regis in Plover.  I stayed there for almost 3 years until I found Studio 212. I have always loved Aveda and am so thankful for the group of ladies here. They have not only shown me the ropes, but have also accelerated my talents by teaching and guiding me along the way. I am happy to offer nail and hair services to make guests feel their best because there’s nothing more rewarding than that. I am excited to grow here and continue learning new techniques and trends.